Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 5

We woke up around 8:40am, I ate some breakfast and then we headed to the lecture at 9am. We watched the BBC documentary then had a lecture on fish anatomy and reef fishes. A fisherman came with his boat so we were able to do the fish anatomy lab today. So around 11:30 we headed to the water, went snorkelling and started our flora and fauna photography project. It’s so much harder than I expected. Plus visibility was down so it was more difficult. I saw tons of fish though, including two parrot fish! But they hid under the reef anytime I got within a few feet so I couldn’t get any photos. It was really fun though, a little scary at first because I didn’t know what to expect but it was lots of fun. And I only had a wave go into my snorkel once lol. Hopefully visibility is up tomorrow and we can see even more.I can’t wait to go out snorkelling again. The first two groups went out of the boats and around 1:30 my group went out to look for our fishing trap. He showed us two crabs he had caught that were pretty big and he just let one of them sit on the bottom of the boat, the crab didn’t even move which surprised me. We were out there for so long though, and my god was it ever hot! Visibility was still down a bit so it was harder to see, and we think the trap got flipped because of the rougher waves so the indicator couldn’t be seen. We decided that we weren’t going to find it and we’d just use one of the fish that the other groups brought back. So we finally just headed back but not before most of us weren’t feeling well from the heat, sun and boat. And most of us got sunburns too. By the time we got back to the beach it was around 3 and we were all starving and feeling a bit faint. We came in for lunch then found out that a lady who is also here researching fish parasites was in the lab and willing to help us and talk to us so our group (last ones to do the lab) headed down to the wet lab to dissect our fish. My lab partner did all the cutting and stuff which was fine by me. It was cool but pretty gross actually. We got lots of advice and information from the lady, who is also very very nice. And I’m now very wary about eating fish that are from home after hearing about her research there, yuck. Anyway, once we were done the lab we came back to the apartment, I finished my lunch (I hadn’t finished it before we left for the lab), and we finished up the written parts of the lab report. Then we just sat around and chilled, and everyone was coming back from the beach by then. I read for a bit, then noticed the sun was setting so I walked to the beach to take some more sunset photos. Oh and I saw two little green lizards, I got a few photos of them but they moved so fast. Once I got back to the room everyone was starting supper so I went to have a quick shower, then made supper. After my shower I changed into a strapless top and everyone started commenting on how red my back was, apparently I got a rather bad sunburn all over the top of my back, funnily enough there’s a space where my hair was though so it looks odd. Some people were studying or on laptops so I finished my book and chatted with some pf the other girls while we ate. After supper some of the girls played Kings (drinking game) for a bit and then we all decided to head over to the piano bar nearby for a few drinks and some music for one of the girls' birthday. We stayed for a few hours, sang loudly, danced, and everyone (but me) I got too much sun so I sometimes felt a little out of it but nothing major. Anyway, we sang lots of older songs, the classics, some newer ones too (sweet caroline, me and bobby mcgee, sex on fire, use somebody, shout, etc). Was lots of fun. A bunch of us came home around 1:30am, and I was feeling so worn out by the time I got home that I just went online and finished the popcorn I had made earlier. Then I just waited for my roommate to get home from the bar (in case she didn't have her key) and went to bed.