Saturday, March 12, 2011

Granby Zoo

As I mentioned in my last blog, it was march break last week and I went on a day trip to Granby Zoo with my mom and sister. I hadn't been to Granby in about 12 years so I was thrilled to get to go again. Especially since they have snow leopards *girlish squeal*. I was so excited to see the snow leopards, you can't even imagine. I had seen snow leopards before but Granby Zoo has snowie cubs and they're much easier to photograph than at other zoos I had been to. We walked around the zoo looking for animals that were still in outdoor enclosures (quite a few are put inside for the winter since it gets too cold for them). We passed zebras, then went into the indoor section where we saw gorillas, a chameleon, monkeys, and then we continued outside in search of the snow leopards. We came across the enclosure that looked to be a snow leopard enclosure, but couldn't find any snow leopards inside. As I was walking around I eventually spotted one way in the back in a dark corner. Needless to say I was rather disappointed that there was only one snow leopard and I wouldn't be able to get any good photos. And so we continued on, seeing all the other animals when we came across another enclosure that looked like the previous snow leopard enclosure. I walked closer and spotted three snow leopards all relaxing on a log and being cute!! I think I may have scared the little boy beside me because I went "EEEEE SNOW LEOPARD!!" and bounced up in the air in excitement....yeah...oops haha. I think we stayed at the snow leopard enclosure for over an hour watching them and photographing them. They were so adorable, I wish they were closer so I could see them more often.

After the snow leopards, we went to an indoor enclosure and saw parrots, monkeys, an ocelot,iguanas, a jaguar,and some other awesome animals. Then we headed back outside where we found the siberian tiger exhibit. The tigers were either wayyy in the back or sleeping so photo opportunities weren't great. I headed into a little indoor section not knowing what to expect, when I realize it's a viewing area from inside the exhibit, and right in front of me are two tigers. I was rather happy to get to be both warm (it got really windy and cold that day) and take photos of animals that are awake and close up. After the tigers we were so cold that we headed back to the entrance and for home. Overall, awesome day at the zoo.