Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 7

Sorry this entry is a bit late, the internet went out last night so I couldn't post one.
We woke up around 8:30 since I thought breakfast was at 8:30, but apparently it was at 8. Thankfully there was food left, but I didn’t like it anyway (cooked tomatoes with cheese and pumpkin fritters) so I ate poptarts instead. We had a guest speaker from the sea turtle protecting organization come in to teach us all about turtles. It was really interesting, I loved it. Then everyone went upstairs to register for next semester and I went for lunch at 12 or so. On the way I found out that because I was registering at 2, I would be on the first boat leaving in about 15 minutes. So I ran to get lunch, ate as fast as I could, and ran back to the room to change and get to the boat. We got on the pontoon boat and headed to Payne’s Bay to do the water sampling lab and snorkel, and hopefully see some sea turtles. The boat ride was awesome, so relaxing. Once we got to Payne’s Bay we jumped into the water and swam around. We saw a few fish so we were diving and taking a few pictures while trying to figure out how to equalize properly. As we were swimming back to the boat we spotted a sea turtle!!! And then more sea turtles came! We swam around with them, taking pictures, diving with them. It was sooo awesome!!!! They’ll come right up to you since they’re looking for food. One swam right beside me and a school of Ballyhoo fish swam right under me. I took lots of pictures and most of them came out pretty nicely too! Then we had to get back in the boat to go back to our place because the rest of us still needed to register. We got back around 2, so I went right back to my room, got on my computer and went to register. I also chatted with Lauren for a bit  Unfortunately some of the teachers and classes I wanted weren’t available, and it screwed up my whole schedule so I had to move things around. After about a half hour to an hour I managed to get a schedule that’s relatively good. Then one of the girls and I headed to the beach to go snorkelling and work on our flora and fauna project (photograph as many types of flora and fauna as possible). We saw lots of fish, and visibility wasn’t the greatest but it was better than yesterday. We also saw some sea snakes which creeped me out so I avoided those. I took lots of pictures, got some good ones of fish too! After about 30-45 minutes or snorkelling we got out and headed to the beach to join some of the others who were tanning. After awhile we went swimming for a bit then headed back to our rooms to shower and have supper. I showered and rinsed all my snorkelling gear, then went online to check messages and chat for a bit. I then made supper, and while I was eating I uploaded some of the new photos to facebook and chatted with Marcie for a bit. We headed over to JPs to watch Finding Nemo, and once that was done around 10:30 some of the girls and I went back to the rooms. They went out to the piano bar again but I decided not to go, I was tired so I’m was just going to stay home and relax. I read my book, snacked on candy, a twix bar and some popcorn then I finally went to bed around 3.

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  1. Wow! Must be soo gorgeous. The pictures are beautiful! Great underwater shots, love them! :)