Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 10

Sorry this is late, we moved to a hotel because the institute was booked for the last few days of our trip. The hotel has internet but it's 8 dollars an hour which is insane so I won't be online basically until I get home. I'm back at the institute in the computer lab checking messages and stuff since we were here for snorkeling and going out on the boat today anyway. (day 11 today by the way). So I will be MIA for a few days but I'll post the rest of the blogs and pictures when I get home :)
Also, sorry but this post is rather huge XD
Anyway, back to day 10. We woke up at 8, breakfast at 9 and then brought all our stuff to the lecture room to get it out of the rooms since we were moving to the hotel. Daren (from sea turtle program) came to sell us some tshirts which were really nice. Then we called some cabs and headed to the hotel. It was really expensive though, they charged us 70 bajan dollars for a short cab ride and we were dropped off at the wrong place so we had to walk a block to the reception area. Then once we were checked in we had to walk 3 blocks to get to our actual hotel. Let me just say that it is very hard to walk any distance carrying about 80 pounds worth of luggage in 30+degrees celcius in the direct sun. It was not fun. We were all sweating like crazy and roasting by the time we got there. We unloaded all our stuff into 4 rooms that were available (we got there at 10 and check in is only at 3, so we were given 4 rooms), changed into bathing suits and went for a quick dip in the pool. Some of us then went for lunch at a street vendor which was really good. I went and ate in one of the girls rooms and we studied for our test. We then went back to the pool to keep studying there. I got our room key, and my roommate and I then checked into our room which is sooo nice! I think we got the nicest/newest room actually lol But there's only one bed lol But it’s a massive bed, I could lie across it sideways and I would fit, it's big. After we got our stuff into the room, we had to go to the pool where we were writing our second test (lol I know, really high tech right? At least our first test was written in a class rather than poolside). Some people actually wrote the test from inside the pool lol We got some funny looks. After our test we all went to shower and get ready to go out to the Oistins fish market. We got to the bus around 6 and didn’t get to Oistins until was a very long and hot bus ride. We were completely packed in the bus, swaying everywhere and then sitting on each others laps lol So we got to Oistins fish market at 730, and its basically a bunch of shacks/booths that sell different fish meals. I ended up getting shrimp kebabs with rice, peas, and coleslaw. So much food but it was really good. After supper we went to look at the booths selling stuff, mostly jewellery. I ended up buying myself a pretty surfboard/turtle necklace that I really like. Everyone else was leaving at 930 but we were having fun shopping so a bunch of us stayed until 1030. We also spent some time watching the dancers on stage. The bus ride home was interesting lol One of the girls sat beside this guy who we thought was super shy but turned out to be a not-so-shy dancer who kept hitting on her, singing to her, and even managed to sneak a kiss lol. Oh and we decided that we each had a “rule” for the night, and if we broke our rule we had to take a shot at the bar. Mine was originally to talk all night, but was changed to talk more and have one drink, so it wasn’t a bad rule at all. Emily wasn’t allowed to swear (very hard for her, she swears worse than anyone I've ever heard), Drew wasn’t allowed high fives or props (also very hard for him), Jen wasn’t allowed to talk about sex or hint or any innuendos or anything (not easy, she doesn't realize she's doing it half the time), Gaby had to look ugly every 10 minutes (also not easy as she is gorgeous and it's basically impossible for her to look ugly), Lauren had to speak French every ten minutes (we had a horrible time finding one for her), Roman wasn’t allowed to mention kisses or asking for a kiss (as he does often, and even wanted to kiss a 44 year old), and Lyndon had to have an expression on his face at all times (he usually has no expression so we had him smiling all night). There were a few shots accumulated by the end of the bus ride lol We had planned to meet up with the others at Lexi’s Piano Bar but they weren’t there or at any of the other bars we frequent so we headed back to the hotel since we were all tired. Turns out they were just chilling in the teacher's room, so we hung out there for a bit then Jess (my roommate) and I went to the room, chatted while she made herself some supper, then went to bed.
I hope you're all doing well and enjoying reading the blog entries. I have a few videos as well but I think I left the chord at home so I can't upload them. And as I said before, I won't be online until I get home so I'll post everything then. Just to give a quick idea of what we'll be doing for the rest of the trip: wildlife reserve, snorkeling, finishing up lab experiments, more swimming, and I think that's about it lol. Take care and I'll update when I get home! :)

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