Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trip to Ontario

I don't post very much here but I figure I'll use this for trips and such so here is a little summary of my recent trip to Ontario. I'm on march break so my family and I headed to visit family in Ontario for the weekend. We left Saturday morning and headed straight to a zoo called Jungle Cat World where we met up with a friend of mine and got spend a few hours at the zoo. I hadn't been back to JCW in about 7 months so a lot of the animals had been moved around and new animals had been brought in so I got to see all the new animals. Since I hadn't been in so long, a lot of the animals I knew from before had grown so much it was incredible! The little cubs I saw last time are almost full grown now.

My sister and I at JCW:

Sasha, approx. 4 month old male Siberian Tiger:

Dimitri, approx. 1 year old male Siberian Tiger:

Wanda (I think), approx. 10 month old female Arctic Wolf

After we were all completely frozen from being outside for about two hours, we decided it was time to get going. My friend headed home and my family and I headed to my relatives house. We got to my aunt and uncles house and basically just relaxed all weekend; we chatted, went shopping on Sunday, and played Just Dance 2 for hours. Once you get over the fact that you'll be embarrassing yourself and just let go it's a lot of fun lol. On Monday we started on our drive home and stopped in to visit my other relatives on the way. We stopped at their place for a bit, had lunch and chatted, then continued on our drive home. And so concludes my trip to Ontario :)

Here are some videos of Dimitri, he's so big now!