Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 6

Is it really only day 6? It feels like I've been here forever XD
Anyhoo, today we woke up at 8:40 and had breakfast at 9, and a lecture at 10. After the lecture we headed out to go swimming for a bit and start the plankton tow lab. One person would go out in a kayak and tow the collector net behind them. I think I stepped on some coral and rocks because there seem to be two pieces of coral in my foot, which is just a tad painful. My teacher said to leave one and it’ll go away on it’s own and to try to remove the other, which I think I did. I guess we’ll find out. My feet are both already scratched and bruised from the coral and rocks, the waves like to chuck them at us when we go in the water >< Anyway, we went in for lunch around 12:30 and had hamburgers, salad, and fries. Yum yum yum. We then went to analyze the plankton samples and identify the different types of plankton. My group and I finished the daytime part of the lab and then some people were going grocery shopping and others were at the beach so I joined some of the other girls at the beach for a bit. I wore a tshirt to cover my sunburn since it’s still rather painful and red. We swam for a bit then chatted on the beach. After awhile we all went out to buy some more groceries. After we came home we had supper and then I came online for a bit. Got to chat with my mom, dad and sister which was awesome. I miss them like crazy! Then I had to go to do part 2 of the lab, the night version. We did that lab and got it finished them went over to JPs to watch Breaking Bad episodes for an hour or so. We headed back at around 11:30 and my roommate went to bed while I went online for a bit. Lauren (my sister) uploaded some awesome photos from the Ecomuseum with her new camera, I'm so proud :) And I think that’s about it. Tomorrow we’re having the turtle lecture and then we all have our registration for next semester and then we’re doing the oceanography lab. See ya! :)


  1. lol I love hearing about the sun and heat!
    I was walking in the snow and cold today trying to find my classes XD I'd much rather do it when its a bit warmer out!

    We missed you at New Years but it seems like you're having tons of fun (and learning a lot it seems!)

    Keep on posting :)

  2. Lol I'm so glad I'm not in the cold anymore, the heat is so much better for me XD

    I missed you too!! It was fun but I missed you guys!

    Will do! And there's photos every day or two on facebook also :)