Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spartan Race Take Two

The race day arrived! My family and I went to Tremblant for the weekend for the race. It's such a beautiful area and we got to explore the village a bit. The race was both days but we raced on sunday. It was fun but much longer and harder than we were expecting. The 5+k race ended up being 8.5km, with one section straight up the entire mountain (it's a big mountain). The obstacles weren't evenly spaced, there was a lot of running, then batches of obstacles before more running. The entire course took my sister and I about 3-3.5 hours to finish, which was way over our expected time but it was hot and much longer than expected.

It began with a run uphill in the forest with a ton of mud all the way through, then a run down in the mud towards obstacles. The first obstacle we came to was the cargo net climb which freaked me out last year but thankfully went really well this year. Then it was the herculean lift where we had to raise a weight on a rope then lower it. Then run up a portion of the hill and back down, then the traverse wall climb. My memory is shaky so I'm probably missing obstacles or putting them in the wrong order but I'll do my best. After the traverse wall was the rope climb, then a sandbag carry and monkey bars. Then the blessed water station numero uno. Then came the very very very VERY long climb alllll the way up the mountain. The entire mountain. I thought it would never end. There were a few obstacles at the beginning including an inclined wall and 5 foot wall but none that I can remember for the majority of the climb, it was just one climb after another until we were all taking breaks and wondering when it would end. Eventually we reached the top, only to start the descent. After a few obstacles and another steep incline to go up, there was the second water station that we had all been dreaming of for at least a half hour. On the way down there were obstacles including the spear throw, tire flips, tire drag, medicine ball roll, net crawl, bar walk, barbed wire crawl (sans mud this year!), some snow to run over, 7 foot wall, go under the wall, go through the window in the wall, and lots of mud and going downhill. Once we got near the bottom we could see the spectators and in that area there was a 9 foot wall (which we did this year!), the fire jump, and some monkey bar type contraption (we did burpees), the incline wall climb with a rope then rope climb down from the wall, and then the finish line. I was so glad to done, it had taken us so much longer than expected and was a much longer distance than expected. I guarantee I'm missing things and the details aren't great but it's a bit jumble in my mind at the moment. I'll add details in if I remember them in the next few days. And that's the story of our second spartan race, I hope you enjoy it :)

Update: a great video about the race