Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 9

I still can't believe I've only been here for 9 days, it feels like forever! Part of me can't wait to be home, and another part of me loves it here and never wants to leave lol The can't wait to get home part is winning though, don't worry ;) Anyway, back to telling you about my day. We woke up at 7:45, and went down for breakfast. After breakfast we had an hour to get ready to go to Payne’s Bay to swim with the turtles. We left at 9:30, took the public bus and got there within a few minutes. We put all our gear into a big pile and got ready to go into the water. One of the guys on the beach came up to us and literally told us that if we paid him 20 bucks he’d guard our stuff, and if we didn’t then he was going to steal it all. We all just stared at him wondering if he was serious, and he was XD So our teacher paid him or some security guard, I can't remember who, and we headed into the ocean. There were quite a few boats and lots of people around so it was difficult getting remotely near the sea turtles. There also weren't very many surprisingly, I only saw 2-3. There were also a few stingrays so we were all more interested in them since we hadn't seem them before. They were so cool, but they’d swim right near you which was a little freaky. One of the teachers dove down at one point and there were 4 around him, including one right over his head and another right under him. Just a little scary lol. We stayed in the water until 11 or so, then headed back to our stuff and headed home. We had the rest of the day off to study and work on the flora and fauna project so half the group went snorkelling for the project and the other half stayed back and studied for the test on Saturday. I stayed back and studied since we had just been snorkelling and I needed to study for the test since it’s coming up soon. I chatted for a bit and got to go on webcam with my mom and sister :D I miss them like crazy. We then had a lecture at 3 on density, salinity, all that stuff. It was a rather boring lecture but it was our last one :D After the lecture some of us went back to studying while others headed to the bar we went to on New Years for happy hour. I studied, and chatted a bit. Around 6:30 I got hungry so I decided to make kraft dinner since it’s all I have left lol I was also stupid and burned my finger XD There’s no blister or anything but it was rather painful and still hurts to type with. I kept studying and ate supper, then went to pack since we’re moving to a hotel tomorrow because the place we're at now was already booked for the last few days of our trip. The hotel we’re going to looks great; it has kitchenettes and a pool! :D Anyhoo, so I packed what I could and continued studying for the test which has now been moved to tomorrow since we realized that we wanted to have free time to do activities this weekend before we leave. I’m still studying and probably will be for another few hours but I thought I’d take a break to post this and say hey. I hope you’re all doing well :) Take care!

Pirate house boat, how awesome is that!?

Group snorkeling shot :)


  1. The first picture is great! But wow! The group snorkelling shot is so unique and aawesome!

  2. Like real pirates? That guy threatening to steal your stuff must have been so weird!
    Btw I was meaning to ask you, you meantioned something about a bbc documentary in an earlier post I think? Is it Planet Earth by any chance? (although I'm sure they make tons of documentaries XD). I just started watching it on dvd and it's so interesting, I think you'd really like it! They have footage of a snow leopard hunting, and tons of fish and other animals.

  3. lol I just watched a discovery show about these massive freshwater stingrays that could grow up to weigh 700 pounds!

    funny coincidence, hopefully these ones weren't as big though!

    ps. Canada lost to Russia, im confused as to how I feel...XD

  4. @Rebek lol probably not but it was really cool anyway.
    I'm not sure, it was just all about coral reefs but I don't think it was planet earth. Planet earth is awesome though, I really want to see the snow leopard part.

  5. @Mel Haha wow, awesome! We haven't seen anything quite that big, these were about 1-1.5 feet wide I guess.

    Lol yeah I heard, a bunch of the group watched the game here lol Everyone was rather sad that Canada lost XD