Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 3

This is the blog entry for New Years Eve, I'm a bit late but I didn't get back until around 3:30am so I was too tired to write up a blog entry. I'll try to post another tonight to catch up on todays events. So yes, New Years Eve! We woke up around 8, had breakfast then we had a lecture. We were all very tired and kept falling asleep during the lecture though. After the lecture we went to do our lab on waves and the sand. We had to sift through sand and we put too much, so it took forever. We finally got a system figured out and it worked pretty well. We got most of the labs done but we couldn’t get some of them to work properly. We had to head back for lunch around 12:30 and after lunch we studied for our test at 3:30, then took the test and I think almost everyone failed, it was pretty bad. Sucks too because we had all been studying a lot. After the test we all walked to the supermarket and bank to get some money (thankfully my bank card works at the bank here so I can get money) and buy some more groceries and booze. I bought groceries, mostly microwaveable meals and juice. The others bought lots of beer and other alcohol but I wasn’t planning on drinking so I didn’t buy any. Once we got back, the sun was setting so a few of us went down to the beach to get some photos, and oh my gosh was it ever gorgeous! It’s just unbelievably beautiful here, I can’t even explain it. We also saw a big red crab that I took a few (not so great) photos of. We went back to our rooms, got dressed for new years, got our stuff together and headed to the teacher’s place. They barbecued for us for supper and we all just hung out and drank (everyone except me and one other girl that is). Everyone (minus me) played beer pong and flip cup (drinking games) for most of the evening. Around 11:30 we headed to a street where there was a party and to see the fireworks. By the time we got there we had missed the fireworks but it was 50 dollars (Canadian) just to get onto the street and we weren’t willing to pay that anyway. The clock struck 12 when we were there so we all hugged and said happy new year, then we headed to the beach where they have campfires, saw some fireworks, they released lanterns (bags with candles) into the sky, there was a bar on the beach with music and dancing. It was lots of fun. We all danced and had a good time. We stayed there until around 3am and then we headed back to our place. Unfortunately it had been raining off and on and it poured on our way home so by the time we got back we were all soaking wet. We got home and headed to bed around 3:30am and that’s about it. Happy New Year everyone! :)
And here are some photos :)


  1. wow cay, sounds like u are having a beautiful time there. u are so blessed. its so much fun being in a different country isnt it? pics are gorgeous. Sounds like the most beautiful memorable new years ever. one u sure wont forget. *hug* im so proud of you

  2. Looks like an awesome new years eve!
    Love the pictures :)

  3. @Bron Aw thanks Bron! *hugs* It's so beautiful here, I can't even begin to describe it. And it was definitely a New Years I'll never forget lol

  4. @Mel Thanks! It was fun but I missed you guys! <3