Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spartan Day 7

Oh my god today was insane. I`m so used to outdoor workouts that are mostly cardio but it was raining so today was an indoor workout. There were a grand total of 5 people; the instructor, 2 members, my sister and myself. We did a strenuous cardio warmup, then onto the real workout. 60 rope lift things (sound easy, very much not), then 5 burpee pull-ups (never thought I`d say this but they were the easiest of the exercises), bear crawl pushing a medicine ball (15kg) forwards and backwards across the gym, 10 full body jumps across the gym, 10 powerwheel pushouts. And repeat for a half hour. All upper body and very tiring workout. I shall be very sore and tired later. Onwards and upwards, gotta keep up that upper body strength for the races.