Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spartan Workout Day 2

Yes believe it or not, I've only managed two spartan training sessions so far. The sessions for the past two weeks have been cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions (lots of ice and snow). This worked out nicely since I was busy one of those days getting certified in first aid. These last few weeks have been insanely busy. Between finishing up my degree, job hunting, getting my first aid certification, grad parties, and time for family/friends/boyfriend I've had very little free time. That said, I've realized my races are coming up fast so I will need to make time for training. Hopefully now that the weather is nicer I'll be motivated to go for runs outside.
Todays workout included stairs. Lots of stairs. All the stairs. I lost track of my own progress but basically I ran and did stairs for an hour. The plan involved a warm up of jogs, burpees, and stretches. The main workout included 5 times up and down the stairs (every stair, every other stair, squat jumps up the stairs, every stair, every other stair). The squat jumps were killer.
I took it a little easy today because I'm either very dehydrated or I have a cold but it was making breathing more difficult than usual. I'll try to get in a few workouts this week.

Thanks for reading!