Friday, May 10, 2013

Journey to the Race: Day 53

Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you travelled from where you started.
-Steve Prefontaine

My mom and I were hoping to go hiking today but by the time we were getting organized it was a bit too late and it was supposed to rain so we decided to go for a nature walk instead. We went to the arboretum for a 3k walk through the forest which was beautiful and allowed me to get out and take some photos for the first time in months. I did sprint up one hill which ended up a lot bigger than it looked but I walked all but that one hill. Except for the bees and wasps being attracted to my shirt, and the mosquitoes being persistent, my mom and I had a really nice time. Later tonight I realized that I was just sititng around watching tv shows and youtube videos so why not bike at the same time. I set a goal to bike through an entire movie. So I grabbed a movie (Tangled) and got my laptop set up so I could use the headphones since the bike is fairly loud when in use. About an hour into the movie I got pretty tired of it but I was determined and pushed on until the end of the movie when I very happily hopped off the bike. Also, your knees get very sore when you're not used to biking for any extended amount of time. Even though I will probably have very sore knees tomorrow, I'm very happy to have accomplished my goal and proud that I managed to bike the full hour and a half. And now I'm off for the night because I'm exhausted. G'night all :)