Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 13 - The Trip Home

Our flight was at 7:30am so we woke up at 4am, got all our stuff together and got in the bus/taxi at 430am. We went straight to the airport and got in line to check in. The check in lines were outside and because it was early morning and hot I started to feel sick, which for me is relatively normal but not that pleasant anyway. Once we were checked in we went through customs and security which didn’t take too long. Then we bought some food, wandered around the gifts shops and then headed to the gate. We boarded the plane and I had a window seat beside Alex, one of the girls on the trip with me. We all slept through almost all of the flight. I slept on and off but I did manage to sleep for about 3 hours of the 4 hour flight. For the last hour Alex and I watched an episode of Lie to Me from season 1. Once we landed in Miami (weird airport in my opinion) we had to go through customs (loooooong walk to get there I might add), pick up our baggage, and recheck our baggage. We did that then went to have lunch in a mini food court where I bought a pepperoni pizza. I had lunch with Gaby, Jen, Lauren, and Emily who also had pizza or burger king. After lunch we went through security (again) then headed to the gate where we waited and worked on our labs before boarding the plane home. I switched seats with Gen so she could sit beside Alex, and I ended up sitting between two strangers. One slept through the flight and the other had an adorable 8 month old daughter, she just kept bobbing around and sticking her tongue out. I worked on the labs, then went through photos for Flora and Fauna. The woman and I ended up chatting about the photos, the trip and all that; she was really nice. I then watched an episode and a half of Lie to Me before I had to turn off the laptop for landing. We landed around 4:30pm, went through customs (for the 3rd time that day I might add) which took forever because the line up was huge, then got our bags, and met up with our parents or whoever was picking us up. I saw my mom and sister right away so I met up with them, and we headed home. And here I am, home safe and sound :) It feels like I’ve been gone forever and that I’ve never left at the same time. It feels weird but normal at the same time lol. Barbados was so amazing, I still have lots of photos to go through and upload, as well as some videos to upload and possibly edit into a movie, we’ll see. I hope you’re all doing well and have enjoyed reading about my trip. Take care! :)


  1. Oh you're finally back! <3 Still, you had an amazing trip, all of it sounds crazy but fun, and i love the last picture! so frigging gorgeous! <3 would love to go there one day, and i really enjoyed reading your travel stories! <3

    now that you're back home, i can't wait to talk! hope you can get all the rest you need though. :))

    missed you like crazy!<3

  2. @Lizna Thanks! It was amazing, hopefully you can visit there someday :) I can't wait to talk to you too sweetie, I missed you! <3