Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 11

I woke up around 7 because the room was so bright, then around 730 I got up and started to get ready for the boat ride at 9. My roommate was going on the second boat so she slept in but I was on the first so I had to get ready. I brought my laptop with me so I could go online and check messages since I can’t do that at the hotel without paying 8 bucks an hour, which is crazy. We walked to the institute (about a half hour) and then put our stuff in the (locked) computer room. Then we met up with Caroline (boat driver) and got on the boat. We went to do the second part of the water sampling lab which didn’t take long. I was taking pictures and then my teacher asked me to do my historical figure oral so I had to do that. I think it went well, he seemed impressed by my choice (Charles Darwin). And for anyone who is wondering what Charles Darwin has to do with marine biology and oceanography, he went on a trip called the Voyage of the Beagle on which he and his crew mapped, surveyed and charted the coasts of southern south africa, and it was also on this trip that he discovered fossils that lead to his theory of evolution and natural selection. He also is behind the accepted theory about the formation of atoll reefs. Anyway, for the lab I was recording the data since I brought my paper and it went by pretty fast. After that we went to go snorkelling on the barge and coral reef again. The fish were still insane, swimming right in front of your face and crowding you so much that you can’t even move anymore. We swam for about 30-40 minutes, and it was amazing. The water was crystal clear, there were tons of fish around. I took so many pictures and some of them are really nice. I even got lots of pictures of the yellow and black striped ones, the parrotfish, and a few others as well. Then we got back on the boat and went back to the institute. We all went on the computers and then some of the others went to the beach while I stayed in the lab and went on my laptop to take advantage of the internet access to check messages and refill my phone card since the star number didn’t work last night. I stayed in the lab for a few hours, then Allison and I went to join Maeva and Eliane at the beach for a bit. We couldn’t go to the wildlife reserve since it would have been too expensive and only Alison and I wanted to go. We swam and tanned on the beach near the institute for a bit then headed to the tiny shops for souvenirs and stuff. We also stopped at the Texaco for some food necessities. I bought some ramen noodles, a banana, some juice and other stuff for the next few days. Jess, Michelle, Drew, Kyle, JP, Chris, and I all headed to Just Grillin’ for supper where I got the grilled mahi mahi with grilled potatoes, Caesar salad and a virgin strawberry daiquiri which was amazing. If you are ever in Barbados, be sure to check out that restaurant! After supper we went to the Super C so they could buy some beer for beer pong. We set up everything in our room (fyi: bad idea, do not use your room for beer pong even if you have the biggest room, makes for a big mess). Some people were in the pool having chicken fights and making 3 people high towers that toppled over. I took a few videos until we were told to keep the noise down. Then everyone piled into our room for beer pong for a few hours. I played with coke and was teamed with Drew but we played so badly XD We lost without getting a single cup of the other teams. Around 11 everyone decided to go out to Lexi’s Piano Bar but I stayed home and read for a while. I was so tired though that I went to bed around 1.

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